I'm a Systems Engineer with more than 10 years of experience. I was working with On-Premise and virtual servers, controlled infrastructure with Configuration Management, created various CI/CD pipelines and wrote automation in different languages. Currently, I'm creating Serverless applications in the Cloud with a Platform Engineer title. I have worked in domains such as Content, Travel, and E-commerce. I'm interested in Solutions Architecture and Engineering Leadership, as well as new domain areas. Here you can find my work experience, education, and skills. Or download PDF version of the resume.



EPAM Systems, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Lead Systems Engineer

  • Work for one of the largest manufacturer and seller of athletic footwear, apparel, accessories, and services
  • Design and develop production services for data exchanges with partners and API integrations
  • AWS, Github, Jenkins, Lambda, Step Functions, ECS Fargate, DynamoDB, S3, SQS, EventBridge, Terraform, CloudFormation, Python, Akamai, Jira


EPAM Systems, Minsk, Belarus

Lead Systems Engineer

  • Worked on E-commerce project
  • Created infrastructure from scratch as part of client migration to Cloud
  • Created CI/CD pipeline from scratch with Github, CodeBuild, AWS SAM and custom Lambda functions
  • Made improvements in current infrastructure in collaboration with hybrid team
  • Created infrastructure for Node.js applications that runs in AWS StepFunctions and ECS Fargate with DynamoDB as database and DAX for caching
  • Designed and developed blueprint template to speedup development of new APIs (JavaScript/TypeScript)
  • AWS, Github, CodeBuild, Lambda, Step Functions, ECS Fargate, DynamoDB, DAX, S3, SQS, Terraform, Terragrunt, CloudFormation, JavaScript, TypeScript, Fastly, Jira, Confluence


OneTwoTrip, Moscow, Russia

Systems Engineer

  • Developed a "multi-mongod" approach for host many MongoDB replica sets on the same servers via Chef
  • Automated on-demand bootstrap and destroying of testing stages in OpenStack cloud with Packer, Terraform, and Ruby scripting
  • Launched "Bus" vertical with an initial team (2 back dev, 1 QA, 1 front dev, 1 SE, 3 months)
  • Migrated several projects from external developers to OneTwoTrip infrastructure
  • Supported (upgrading, improvements) Elastic Stack installation (up to 150 TB in a cluster)
  • Kickedoff internal weekly experience exchange program with keynotes, streaming and discussing (Tech-talks)
  • Improved and automated many Infrastructure points
  • Ubuntu, Chef, Ruby, Go, NodeJS, Riak, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Docker, Kubernetes, Nginx, AWS, Bosun, Kibana, Grafana, ElasticSearch, Prometheus, Jenkins, Git (BitBucket и GitLab), Jira


Imhonet, Moscow, Russia

System Administrator

  • Supported Production, Test and Development infrastructure
  • Made the transition of Proxmox cluster from version 3x to 4x
  • In cooperation with QA lead and system architect developed CI/CD pipeline
  • Implemented Blue-Green deployment based on Nginx
  • Build ChatOps
  • Debian, Ansible, Nginx, PHP, NodeJS, MySQL, Memcached, Redis, ElasticSearch, Gitlab, Jira


Rospartner, Dubna, Russia

System Administrator

  • Linux systems administration RHEL/CentOS
  • Supported high load Moscow government project *
  • Administering LEMP (Linux, Nginx, MySQL, PHP) web-application stack
  • Lead monitoring department (On-Call rotation)
  • CentOS, Nginx, PHP, MySQL, Redmine


VISM, Voronezh, Russia

Network Operations Engineer

  • Internet Service Provider network support
  • Monitoring of network equipment and servers
  • Linux, D-link, Cisco



International University of Nature, Society and Man "Dubna"

Master's degree in System Analysis & Management


Voronezh State Technical University

Bachelor's degree in Information Systems and Technologies


Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional


Desktop OS: MacOS, Windows
Server OS: Debian/Ubuntu, CentOS/RHEL
Web-servers: Nginx, Unicorn, Puma, PHP-FPM, HHVM, Tomcat, Express
Databases: MySQL/MariaDB, Elasticsearch, Redis, PostgreSQL, Riak
Virtualization: KVM, Docker, Kubernetes, Proxmox, OpenVZ, LXC, Vagrant, VMware
CI/CD: Go CD, Jenkins
Configuration Management: Ansible, Chef
Infrastructure as Code: Terraform, Terragrunt, Packer
Version control: Git (Github, Gitlab)
Clouds: Amazon (AWS), Google (GCP), Heroku, OpenStack
Coding: Bash, Ruby, Python, Go, JavaScript, HTML, CSS
Issue & Project Tracking: Jira, Redmine, Youtrack
Monitoring: Zabbix, Nagios, Prometheus, Grafana, Bosun, Elasic, Splunk
Methodology: DevOps, Agile/Scrum, ITIL
Networks: vpn, vlan, nat, dhcp, ipv4/6

Open Source

QnA - Question and answer service
Flickr API wrapper - Wrapper to work with Flickr API
LEGDNS - Service for getting certificates from LetsEncrypt through DNS
Telegram Rank Bot - Telegram bot for ranking (karma) in chat groups
Telegram Password Bot - Telegram bot for generating random passwords
Offices Station - Arduino firmware for CO2 station
Hola API - REST API written in Ruby for learning purpose
Sneakers - REST API written in Python for learning purpose
Zabbix Nginx Stat Getter - Nginx external check script for Zabbix
Zabbix FCGI Stat Getter - PHP-FPM external check script for Zabbix
Sample app - Microblogging social network
Parser - Price parser
RoR matrix RU - Interactive competency matrix for Ruby on Rails developer